This gauge is used to measure the destruction Strength of chicken egg shells. This gauge differs from the conventional hydraulic gauge systems in that it provides a very high level of accuracy thanks to the use of advanced electronic technology.  

Devices Used:

1. Vertical drive : Ultrasonic motor

2. Destruction strength measuring unit: Strain gauge


1. Measurement Range : Max 5.0kg.f (50.0N, 10.0lb.f)

2. Resolution               : 0.001kg.f

3. Sampling Rate          : 1000 times/ sec

4. Peak Measurement   : Measurement values are stores and Vertical operation is instantaneous (Patent Pending)

5. Output Signal          : RS-232C Port, with printer

6. Power Supply          : 100V AC

7. Weight                  : 10.5 kg

EFG-0502 Egg Shell Force Gauge


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