In recent years, much attention has been paid to operations that pour epoxy resin, etc., into exfoliation devices in order to prevent incidents of mortar or tile dropping from the top of concrete. If the moisture rate of the top of the concrete pouring device or mortar is high, then gluing strength will not meet expectations. For that reason, this unit was developed by the Architectural Research Office of the Ministry of Construction for the purpose of measuring water content of this region based on the [Government & Peoples Collective Collaborative Research on Exterior Repair Technology Development.
- Measurement Method : Electrical resistance
- Applications : Concrete, Mortar
- Measurement Range : Concrete: 0-10%, Mortar: 0-15%
- Power Source : 1.5V ("AA" size Alkaline batteries) x 4

HI-800 Concrete / Mortar Moisture Tester


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