The LE-200J is a portable coating thickness tester with a built-in printer. This unit can accurately and quickly measures many items such as magnetic plating (electrolyzed nickel plating not included), coating, painting, and lining without injuring or damaging the item. Furthermore, you can print out the measurement results on-site with the internal printer.



- Measurement Method: Electromagnetic induction

- Applications : Non-magnetic coating on iron and steel (ferrous) substrates

- Measurement Range: 0-1500µm or 60.00mils

- Resolution : 0.1µm (less than 100µm), 1.0µm (100µm or greater)

- Probe : One-point contact fixed pressure (LEP-J)

- Power Source : AC100V-220V (50/60Hz) or 1.5 ("AA" size Alkaline batteries) x 6 (main unit),

- Printer ("AA" size Alkaline batteries) x 4

LE-200J Electromagnetic Coating Thickness Tester


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