The LZ-200J is a portable coating thickness tester equipped with electromagnetic and eddy-current testing methods and an internal printer. This unit can quickly and easily handle coating thickness measurements of various types of coatings on iron and steel of non-ferrous substrates. Plus, this unit is equipped with many valuable functions such as calibration, memory, limit setup, and a statistical calculation function that, at the press of a button, allows you to find the average value, standard deviation, and largest and smallest values measured.

- Measurement Method: Electromagnetic induction/Eddy-current
- Applications : Non-magnetic coating on iron and steel (ferrous) substrates and Insulating coatings on non-ferrous substrates
- Measurement Range: Electromagnetic = 0-1500µm or 60.00mils, Eddy-current = 0-800µm or 32.00mils
- Resolution : 0.1µm (less than 100µm), 1.0µm (100µm or greater)
- Probe : One-point contact fixed pressure (LEP-J, LHP-J)
- Power Source : AC100V-220V (50/60Hz) or 1.5 ("AA" size Alkaline batteries) x 6 (main unit), Printer ("AA" size Alkaline batteries) x 4

LZ-200J Dual-Type Coating Thickness Tester


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